Choice4Health- The Journey Begins to Find Your Perfect Weight and Restore Your Health

On Feb 2nd 2020 I stumbled upon an ad on a website for Dr Gundry’s book “The Plant Paradox”. I had out of control diabetes, I was obese, I was in my 60’s and I was not sleeping! I decided that I was going to get the book on and listen to it on my road trip from Nevada to California. What I heard during that trip simply blew me away!. I listened to the book on my return trip as well and it all became clear to me! I started the program on Feb 4th 2020 and the results were miraculous! I decided after I realized all the benefits the good Doctor described that I should put up a site to help spread the word, and this is it. I am officially starting to write entries here as of August 3 2021 and I will try to tell the entire story, how easy it was, what Gundry recommendations I followed strictly and what I followed loosely or not at all. I hope this helps someone out there.

Just an FYI- I am a retired person, never finished college, I have never been accused of being an over achiever and my intelligence level has declined with my age so please forgive the current state of the site (completely unfinished looking) and any other errors you may find as I ramp this site up. Not sure how far I am going to take this beyond telling the initial story and occasional updates, I guess that depends on the response I get. You must register to contribute here but I am very interested in hearing from people.

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