February 4, 2020

On February 4, 2020 my weight was 248 pounds, my A1C was way above 8, my Thyroid was out if wack and I was on 2 diabetes drugs. The Atkins program that I had used years before, and also fell off of years earlier, was no longer working for me and I could not lose weight no matter what I tried. I put on much of this weight due to a shoulder injury followed by a foot surgery. While recovering I made the mistake of sitting comfortably in my recliner and watching a Food TV Network. During the commercial breaks I would roll out to the kitchen and fix myself a sandwich or some other snack, which was not good for me, and then roll back to the recliner or the bedroom to watch more  TV.

I want to be clear, I did not go “whole hog” in to the Gundry lifestyle, for example I had not used any of Dr. Gundry’s recipes, not that they are not fine recipes, all I did was listen to his book and understood (because of his clear and simple explanations) the biology and chemistry of what he wrote. I am neither a biologist or a chemist! He also provided a list of foods you can eat and a list of foods that you have to stay away from, his “Yes and No” lists. Armed with this new understanding and these two lists I simply substituted ingredients in the foods that I would cook for myself. Now I have to admit that for me the Covid pandemic had a silver lining. The lockdowns prevented me from eating out in restaurants and take home always meant cold food when I finally got it home. I was forced to prepare meals for myself at home 100% of the time. No I’m not a cook but I do like good food, so I learned how to prepare a few simple dishes. And I’ll just cut to the chase, from February 4, 2020 to September 28, 2020 I lost 42 pounds. That’s right and on Thanksgiving day I checked in at 20o pounds. 

I did use some of his products after I noticed some success with the basic plan, but you don’t really need to buy anything to get started (I really liked that part) and I can assure you it is all very easy to do once you understand the cause and effect of what you eat and what the animals, you eat eat. Also, you will need to understand which vegetables and fruit to not eat. All of this information is in the “Yes and No” lists the Dr. provides.

I’m not going to show you “before and after” pictures of myself because I’d like to maintain some measure of privacy, but I will share with you some graphics from a scale that I bought, a RENPHO Body Fat Scale in March of that year that will demonstrate the weight loss and other health benefits that I enjoyed as a result of just a few minor changes in my life. BTW I think the scale helped me enormously as do the friends I have gifted it to.

In the image below (which comes from the free RENPHO App that works with the scale) you can see that my weight was 229 lb. on March 18, 2020. That was the day I received the new scale so you can see that I had already lost 19 pounds between February 4 and March 18. Truth is I think the initial loss is always large and fast, the same thing happened when I first used Atkins. The data on the right are the various measurements the RENPHO scale takes and tracks for you.

Here is my weight and data on September 28 days 2020

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