Improved Vital Statistics

In my last post I described the incredible weight loss that happened in a short period. I should tell you that by Thanksgiving not only was I down to 203 pounds but my A-1 C was 5.9 and I was able to stop the 2 diabetes medications that I had been taking. Additionally an extra beat that occasionally occurred in my heart rhythm disappeared and my resting heart rate was down to 55 beats per minute. I am not sure what my resting heart rate was before Feb 4 but I believe it was above 68 BPM. During the period between Feb 4th 2020 through October 2020 I wore a continuous glucose monitor to help me control my blood sugars and before I started the “Plant Paradox” regimen, my blood sugar level swung wildly as I went through the day sometimes as low as 45 and then after a meal as high as 235! By May 20 2020 my blood sugar was stable all day long sitting somewhere between 75 and 105! Both my doctor and I were amazed! I stopped taking the diabetes medications shortly after that. 
My energy level was higher, I was easily able to do my 10,000 steps a day, climbing the stairs in my house was no longer a chore and I began to crave the good foods and never thought about any of the bad foods.  
In my previous post you saw some graphs and some graphics which were provided by my scale, with a list of colored numbers. If you scan the two graphics, you’ll notice where the numbers turned from 3 red 3 blue and 3 green to 1 red 6 green and 1 blue (red is bad blue is better and green is good) . These are body statistics that are very important and they include BMI, skeletal weight and skeletal muscle, various body fat statistics and metabolic age. All of this change explained why I felt better than I did in my late 40’s and 50’s. 
As I said earlier, this achievement was incredibly easy, and while the pandemic certainly helped me stay on track,  if you make a commitment to eating clean and avoiding fruits and vegetables that are bad for you, it’s not a difficult process to fix your body. In fact the human body seems to be a remarkably forgiving and largely self healing machine.

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