You Are What Your Food Eats!

We’ve all heard the phrase you are what you eat, but according to Dr. Gundry, you are what your food eats. In my previous post I specified not only the kinds of food you can eat but what to look for on those labels. The doctor explains that whatever they’re feeding the livestock that you consume, ultimately winds up in your system. That made sense to me, so I embraced it wholeheartedly, and I think you should too. I was able to find all these foods that I’ve described to you either in my local Costco, Whole Foods, or on Amazon. I also found a lot of it in my local grocery store so this isn’t as hard as you might think. I can’t say that every small town in the country has a supermarket or butcher shop that can provide you with the requisite animal products but there are some online services that do. They seem to have all the correct animal proteins, beef, pork, chicken, fish, available and delivered right to your door!

Ok, you might say that all this is fine and good but all these things are quite pricey and indeed it is more expensive to eat clean and be healthy then it is to go on the way you’re going. Look at it this way if you want a high-performance metabolism and a high-performance immune system, just like a car, you have to feed it premium fuel and it costs more. If you look at your budget carefully, I think when you consider that you can no longer eat chips, doughnuts, take out food, fast food, diet drinks (I will tell you about artificial sweeteners in a little while) or eat in a restaurant every night, you will find that the cost difference becomes insignificant.

Diet drinks were a big problem for me! I used to drink at least a six pack of Diet Pepsi and probably more every day. Friends used to tell me how bad that was for me and said things like “artificial sweeteners cause ALS” along with other research citations that would occasionally pop up. Somehow none of that research ever really hit home with me until I read Dr. Gundry’s book, “The Plant Paradox” . I’ll talk more about the science that I learned in the book later but for now let me just say that the book talks about the good bacteria in your gut and on your mucous membranes in your skin and all the other systems in your body. He said that his research showed that just 1/2 a packet of artificial sweetener can destroy all the good bacteria in your gut. Now once I was so far invested into doing this thing it seems absurd to continue consuming anything that had artificial sweeteners in it. To be honest with you I’ve become so aware of this that while at a party, when my girlfriend tried to feed me something, I push her hand away, I look at it and ask what’s in it. It was reflexive and frankly surprised me. Dr. Gundry said in his book that your stomach actually communicates with your brain and I suppose that might have been an example.

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